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Nothing Says “Im A Big Deal” like A Giant Billboard Design by TNM

A Billboard Design Ad is a larger-than-life outdoor advertising space. It is aimed at capturing the attention of passers-by. Usually placed in high traffic areas, on sidewalks, and close to pedestrian zones. If placed in a city, at the busiest loops.


Although it bears a poster resemblance, billboard advertising has the advantage of a larger size with an effective message.


Billboard design takes longer than poster design, although they seem similar, billboard design is a larger project (regardless of format). Thus, it requires more work. Consequently, in comparison a poster has a limited reach.


A billboard leaves a significantly more powerful impression on its intended target audience.


So, if you want to learn how we can turn your billboard ideas into reality, call Take Notice Media. We will then show you how effective they are in terms of your business progress.


  • One outdoor advertising design.
  • Company name and logo.
  • Clear advertising message.
  • Therefore, great for showing off a product, service, features, or events.


  • Capturing the attention of many passers-by.
  • 1,000’s of people will see your product or service, daily.
  • Drivers will never miss your message again.
  • Give someone inspiration and hope with your words or product.


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