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Book cover Design

judge a book by its cover

To illustrate the importance and power of this, let me share a short story. In 1982, Naura Hayden released a book called, Astro-Logical Love.

Looking at the title, what do you think this book is about? Does it grab you and demand your attention? Is it clear and specific as to what you’ll learn?

Typically, when they print a book, the first print run is 5,000 books and most books don’t sell out in their first run. This book didn’t sell out of the initial 5,000 — In fact, it sold only 2,000 copies.

So Hayden sold the rest of her books to discount book stores and flea markets who sell books for 99 cents. It was there that a New York publisher stumbled across the book, bought it, read it, and thought, “This is a great book about how to seduce women”.

He called Naura Hayden and bought the rights to the book and republished it. He didn’t change one word inside the book.

Exact the same book… the product was the same. But he changed the title to: How to Satisfy a Woman Every Time… and Have Her Beg for More!

Which book would you rather read if you were in the market for that type of thing? Well, no need to wonder, the result was 2.3 million book sales in the first 18 months!

It became a massive cultural phenomenon and a New York Times #1 Best Seller. Same book, same content, just a different cover.

  • Graphic vectors and images.
  • Cover title.
  • Soft or hard cover.
  • Digital download format also available.
  • A good book cover generates sales.
  • A good book cover gets across a lot of information quickly. To be successful, it must communicate.
  • Is it fantasy? Crime? Coming-of-age? Etc. The cover has to convey the genre so the marketplace understands immediately.
  • How does the book feel? Is the story edgy and hip? Suspenseful? Laugh-out-loud funny? Whatever the tone, a great cover must convey it.


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